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1957 Pink E Thunderbird

Car #416
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Thunderbird Classic Thunderbird National Concours Knoxville, TN.
Scores 300 Points of 300 Points Perfect Score + Excellence in Authenticity, Around 180 Show T-Birds in
This Concours Event. 
 This Minter Thunderbird Receives The Highest Award.

1957 E SERIES Thunderbird 

ORIGINAL Dusk Rose E with Colonial White Interior

Professional MINTER RESTORATION, test miles only

The ORIGINAL 1957 Ford Factory Invoice

Rebuilt 312-271 H.P. “E” Thunderbird Special V/8
Rebuilt Correct ECJ 9510 Carburetors, Linkage, Garbage can fuel filter, Argent Gray Air Cleaner, etc.
Rebuilt Ford-O-Matic 3 Speed Fluid Cooled Automatic Transmission

Fully Loaded with every power accessory available from Ford in 1957
Fords Masterguide Power Steering
Swift Sure Power Brakes
Electric Windows
4 Way Power Seat

Town & Country Signal Seeking Radio
Ford’s Optional Rear Deck Antenna

Late Style Black Canvas Sta-Fast Hartz Cloth Convertible top

Ford’s Engine Dress Up Option
5 Correct 750 x 14 Firestone Deluxe Champions Wide whitewalls

Your Choice as First 7 Pictures Concours 1 Shown or as Concours Class Primary Original as shown with the last pictures.


1957 Pink E Thunderbird
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