Amos & Justin Minter Thunderbirds 55-57
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Dallas, TX 75252
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In-Stock Accessories and Options

In-Stock for Immediate Installation on Minter Thunderbirds
Ford's Master-Guide Power Steering Rebuilt and Installed
Ford's Swift Sure Original Power Brakes Rebuilt and Installed
Rebuilt Ford Thunderbird 4-Way Power Seat Installed
Power Windows Installed
Primer Fuel Pump to aid in cold starting
Seat Re-configuration for Taller Customers

Best Quality Real Thunderbird wire wheels now available on Minter Thunderbirds purchased here.

The Best Thunderbird Air Conditioning Available,
Minter's Cooling Package,
Plus Many More Options Available
at Minter's Thunderbirds
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Seat Belts Installed (up to three)
AM/FM Stereo with iPod/iPad Capabilities using Original knobs
6 to 12 Volt Electrical System Conversions for 1955 Thunderbirds
Electronic Ignition installed, eliminating points & condenser on 1957 Thunderbirds
Minter's Tailored Made Car Covers - Different Dimensions for Each Year
Hardtop Dolly to Properly Store and Move Your Hardtop
Show Chrome Rear Tire Bands for 1955 and 56 Thunderbirds
Reduced Diameter Steering Wheels and Horn Rings Installed to Allow more Leg Room
Radial Wide Whitewalls
New Gas tanks in stock for immediate installation

Restored original convertible tops in stock, fitted and installed, your choice of original color, normally more than 12 in stock

Restored Original Hardtops in stock for immediate mounting

The Best Quality Thunderbird wire wheels 14" & 15" IN STOCK for immediate installation on Minter Thunderbirds

Normally, all the above mentioned accessories are in immediate stock for Minter Thunderbirds

In the Thunderbirds Parts business, we only sell Original Convertible tops, correct Bumper Jacks and original hardtops.

Thunderbird Reduced Diameter Steering Wheel
Accessories Installed Available ONLY on
Thunderbirds Purchased at Minter's