Amos & Justin Minter Thunderbirds 55-57
17730 Davenport Road
Dallas, TX 75252
Main:  972-931-3357

Accessories and Options

Best Quality Real Thunderbird wire wheels now available on Minter Thunderbirds purchased here.
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The Best Thunderbird Air Conditioning Available,
Minter's Cooling Package,
Plus Many More Options Available
at Minter's Thunderbirds
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1957 Ford & Thunderbird used Original Wheels,
Slotted Center Wheels 14" Good $55, Better.  
Solid Center Wheels $125 each.  
Original Wheel Covers for 1955-56-57, $25 & Up Depending on Condition

The Best Quality Thunderbird wire wheels 14" & 15" IN STOCK for immediate installation on Minter Thunderbirds

Minter's Thunderbird Car Cover
Tailored to Fit
Water and Mildew Resistant
Super Soft all Cotton Warp Sateen with Underside Napped for Flannel Finish
Gray in Color
Mid Car Tie Loops with Cord
Minter Logo on Front as Shown
The Best Quality Inside cover for the Early Bird!
American Made: $399

Minter Car Cover - Full View
Minter Car Cover Logo

Original Hardtops and Convertible Tops
We Currently Have a Good Selection of Original Tops 
Available for Immediate Installation, or Shipping - Click Here