Amos & Justin Minter Thunderbirds 55-57
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Hardtops For Sale

"Original Restored Hardtops For Sale"

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HT-3 - White Porthole Top
$6,950 - New Lower Price - $5,950

HT-25 - Golden Glow Yellow Porthole Top
$5,950 - New Lower Price - $4,950 - SOLD

HT-28 - Colonial White Hardtop Shell

HT-99 - 2002-2005 Thunderbird Hardtop

HT-20 - Restored Colonial White Porthole Top

HT-24 - Original Porthole Top Complete


HT-15 - Colonial White Porthole Top

HT - 29 - White Porthole Top - Project Condition
Original hardtops may be shipped by or other transportation companies.  A heavy duty wooden crate is required to ship insured.  To build a wooden crate is an extra cost.

Original hardtops are Fragile 1950's Fiberglass with no Metal Structure.  Quite Fragile  

If you live in Driving Distance, Please consider driving to Minter’s weekdays to receive your Orginal Hardtop.

Shipping hardtops out of the country:  Some countries require certain woods not readily available here locally, therefore, out of the country customers must arrange their own shipping.  I will also deliver the hardtops to UPS or Fed Ex stores in Dallas for shipping at no additional charge.  Customer pays FedEx or UPS shipping crate direct.