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1957 Flame Red Thunderbird

Car #235
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1957 Thunderbird ORIGINAL FLAME Red V Code with Nice Red XH INTERIOR

Sold new at Portwood Ford in Brownfield, Texas
INVOICED November 30th- Dd Series

Loaded with OPTIONS Ford’s Masterguide Power Steering, 4 Way Power seat, Fords Swift Sure power brakes, Ford-O-Matic Automatic Transmission, Engine Dress Up Kit, Fords accessory back up light system, Town & Country Signal Seeking radio.

In 2013 Amos purchased in McKinney, Texas after owner passed.  On 9-10-13 the following work was performed:
New Fuel & Vacuum Lines, Radiator Hoses, Major Tune Up, Point & Plugs, condenser, Installed Aluminum Valve covers, New Gas tank, New cooling lines on transmission, Valley Pan and Intake gaskets, Rebuilt Carb. Choke system, New Fuel filter, Remove & Reinstall Engine to reseal transmission and torque converter, New Pinion seal, Replaced carburetor.

The past 5 years she has been used to restore high quality convertible tops.  Definitely not good for her drive ability

Rough idle at traffic light, smooths out at 30 mph.
Paint looks good at 10 feet, some brush touch, Paint has patina.
Excellent quality body.
Definitely the quality for Minters to make a $100,000. 1957 Thunderbird.
Not subject to High Humidity Climates.
Currently undergoing Paint refinishing.  If reserved today, this Red 57 may be finished in approximately 5 months for spring-summer enjoyment.


1957 Flame Red Thunderbird
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